How does it feel…..

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…. to be one of only 1,600 people in the whole world who will see Bob Dylan on July 6th. Talk about dedication!! I started trying to book on the internet site at 8 am, but it had collapsed, so I then started ringing the phone number they gave at 9 o’clock on the dot, and every time it came up with the engaged signal I rang straight back…. I finally got through just before 2 pm!! I won’t even say how much I had to pay for the tickets (OUCH!!!), but my tenacity worked and I got two wonderful tickets to see my Bobby!!! So… it feels absolutely WONDERFUL and I can’t wait. I am sorry though, for all the other people who wanted to go and weren’t as lucky as I was…. I promise to share the concert soon after, so maybe those who couldn’t get tickets will be able to enjoy some of it, though second hand!!!


From Da Vinci to Harry Potter

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I should perhaps add that I’m one of those people who just LOVES all the Harry Potter books, and I’m quite convinced that Snape is not bad at all…. perhaps I’ll post my theory on that one day!!! I’ve argued it with several friends and although they disagree with me, they say my theory is possible!!

The Da Vinci Code (Film Review)

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I went to see The Da Vinci Code last night – having read the book and loved every single page of it quite some time ago – wondering what it was going to be like after the bad critics it received at Cannes. But I have to say that I loved it!! I thought it was very faithful to the book. My daughter (16) who hadn’t read the book didn’t have any trouble understanding the plot despite some comments I’d heard that people who hadn’t read the book wouldn’t be able to follow the story.
I think the theory that Jesus was married and had children is an interesting one, and it would seem fairly logical that a man of his age, in those times, would have been married, and if it were true I really don’t think it would be such a big deal. I’m quite surprised by some people’s reaction to the storyline. I mean, if people are quite sure that the version they were fed is correct, then this film should be no threat, and for more “open-minded” people all plausible theories should be worthy of consideration.
Especially bearing in mind the times and conditions under which religious doctrine was determined. You just have to think about the religious festivals that implanted pagan festivals as a starter…
Anyway, we both enjoyed the film and spent a happy couple of hours at the cinema!! A great Saturday evening!!!

Dylan brings it all back home!!

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Bob Dylan is a person who has brought me immense happiness over the years with his music, his concerts, his poetry and his thoughts. Every time he comes to Spain I go and listen to him and have been lucky enough to “bump into him” after three of his concerts in Barcelona and have a little chat with him (see my website for more details), so imagine my delight when I read that he will be playing this year – on July 6th – in the Cap Roig Botanical Garden in Palafrugell – just about 30 minutes from my home!!! He is getting nearer and nearer!! Hey Bobby!! Any time you want to come and give a concert – or even just stop by for a drink and a chat – at my place, just give me about 10 seconds warning!!!

Bob in concert is something totaly magic. I first saw him at The Picnic in Blackbushe in 1978 and fell in love with him and I haven’t looked back since!! I confess to being BOBsessed, with almost 300 recordings of concerts and outtakes etc. But I find it so amazing that the same person can sing the same song 200 times and yet each time that song is different.

I can’t wait for July 6th!!!! Thanks Bobby, for coming back after a few years of giving Spain a miss.

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